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May Disciples' Night

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  • When God speaks, all of creation responds. His Word goes forth and life begins, judgment is rendered, chains are broken, lives are restored, and evil is vanquished. Sacred Scripture is not just a collection of sayings, stories, and fables, but a living message of eternal importance for humanity. Our love for and understanding of the Bible has a direct impact on our lives here and now. We should break open the Word daily and expect that the Lord will speak. Anthony Feola has been living a life infused by Scripture. He will be joining us for the next two Disciples' Nights to unpack the beauty, accessibility, and transformational power of chewing on and drawing from the Word of God. 


  • At the age of 16, Christ transformed Anthony's life, and through the leading of the Holy Spirit, he embarked on an unconventional track of missionary discipleship which involved attending Word of Life Bible Center in Uppsala, Sweden. Immersed in a dynamic local church that effectively equipped missionary disciples, Anthony entered into a lifestyle of active evangelization which included international missions to Sweden, India, Africa, Kazakhstan, and China. Years later, the Lord brought Anthony back to his spiritual home in the Catholic Church. He has been a long-time friend of Renewal Ministries and has traveled with them to Turkey, Cameroon and Mexico where he has had the privilege of serving the poor, sharing the Gospel, and ministering at retreats for lay leaders as well as for priests. Anthony is the Director of Evangelization at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church and resides with his wife and five children in Plymouth, Michigan.  


  • 1) Has a Bible passage ever deeply impacted your life? If so, describe what happened. If not, why do you think that hasn't happened yet?

    2) What does a Biblical way of life mean to you? What areas of your life are you trying to live out more biblically?

    3) What challenged you in Anthony's talk?

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